7 things you need to know about our neon signs

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1. Multiple Colours

Any of our neon signs, custom or stock can be customised even further by choosing a multitude of colours. The choice is yours, take @cakeqweenhull's gorgeous custom neon as testament of how multi colours can really make your brand pop! Pop us a message with your logo and idea's and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

    2. Bring your logo to life!

    We pride ourselves in elevating your brand, these lights shine bright and with hundreds of tiny LED's contained within a flexible-coloured tube we're able to easily replicate your slogan, logo or favourite quote just the way you want it.

    3. Choice of backing acrylic

    All our signs are backed onto 0.5mm acrylic, ensuring the neon stays sturdy whatever the use. Whether it's as part of event decor hanging from a backdrop or sitting proudly in your home on the wall, our neon's are built to last. We have four colours to back onto, clear, gold mirror, silver mirror and black!

    4. A variety of cut styles

    With our neon's you choose the shape and style of the acrylic it's backed onto. We have cut to shape (follows the contours and shape of the neon design), cut square, and cut to letter. If minimalism is what your after then cut to letter is you're go too, it's the style with the least amount of acrylic on show but just enough to keep its strength and sturdiness.

    5. Choose your mount!

    We offer different options for mounting your sign! 2 x 5mm holes for hanging using fishing line, 4 x 8mm with standoff studs and screws or 4 x 4mm with low profile screws and a cap. The choice is yours depending on your need.

    6. Custom built and delivered within 10 days

    We pride ourselves on quality and speed, each sign is custom and made to order. Our signs are built, tested and sent out for delivery within days, and we ensure you have yours on your doorstep within 10 business days.

    7. Size

    We base all our signs on width first, this determines the height of the sign so that when we build and shape the neon it does not look misshaped or distorted. The largest size we can build in width is 150cm, if you need something larger then we could build the neon sign in two pieces for you to construct together on delivery.

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    Or if you are looking for a simple neon sign using text then check out our custom sign maker!